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Tu Outlet de Moda ShopTech is the 21st-century shopping area, where the physical, digital, social, and emotional worlds merge together thanks to technology.

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Our customers

We integrate gamified experiences to make your shopping an emotional experience.

Our phygital space applies cutting-edge technology to make it 100% architecturally and digitally accessible.

The hands-free logistics model makes it possible to manage all of the purchases of a customer, in different stores, so that they can pick them up when they are finished, at a single spot, or have them sent to their house the same day.

Our stores

Stores will be able to efficiently manage their spaces in real time and predict, anticipate, and optimize demand, thanks to advanced machine-learning algorithms.

We double your sales channel, automatically including your store in Tu Outlet de Moda’s online marketplace. This will allow you to sell 24 hours a day/365 days a year, and your customers will be able to buy online and try on articles conveniently before paying for them.

We know what you want and what your customers demand, using Big Data analysis that allows hyper-customer loyalty based on affinity.