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An old mattress factory brought back to life as an open shopping and leisure space. We respect our industrial identity, our origins, and we have conserved our Tower and central offices, which are important representatives of the industrial architecture of the 1970s.

Inside our industrial complex, you will walk around the warehouses and silos where our cafeterias, our square and our restaurants are located. You will also be able to go to the cinema in the factory buildings.

In the Designer Outlet Zaragoza, which is the zone where our old industrial warehouses are located, you can walk along our street and the plazas, have a cup of coffee at a charming terrace, and shop for your favourite brands at a discount.

In the formerly warehouse and logistics space, you will fine larger stores like Bauhaus.

/ Welcome to the commercial area of the 21st century live the Tu Outlet de Moda experience

/ We're already underway

We'll open in 2020.

On 25 May, construction began on Tu Outlet de Moda with a ceremony presided by Alfonso Solans, chairman of the Iberebro Group, accompanied by Marta Gastón, Regional Minister of Economy, Industry, and Employment of the Government of Aragón.
Tu Outlet de Moda